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PanFone Manager FAQs

+ What to do if PanFone Manager can not recognize my device?

First, please check whether your device is supported by PanFone Manager from here.

To solve this problem, you can follow the steps below:

(1) For iOS users, please follow this tutorial.

(2) For Android users, please follow this tutorial.

+Do I need to install iTunes or what version is required?

You don't need to install iTunes.

+What kind of device does PanFone Manager support?

Check supported devices here >>

+Why I can not use Data Transfer, Data Recovery, Data Eraser on the homepage interface?

Data Transfer, Data Recovery and Data Eraser are other paid programs. PanFone Data Recovery enables you to recover the lost data from your iOS devices, you can learn more information from our website. PanFone Data Transfer allows you to transfer files between Android and iOS devices. PanFone Data Eraser helps you erase data on iOS device completely with nothing recoverable.

+What to do if PanFone is not available in my language?

To better serve the customers all over the world, we are planning to localize PanFone into more minor languages. If you are native and love the iOS device manager, you can help us translate PanFone to your mother tongue or any other target language that you are specialized in.

+What to do if PanFone failed to export videos/photos to PC or just exported thumbnails?

iCloud can backup videos and pictures (on camera roll) on your iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch automatically. Also, some backed up videos and photos would be deleted on your iDevice automatically as default in order to free up space, however, those deleted videos or photos would still be showed on your device and could not be exported directly by PanFone. Thus, sometimes you will find the photos you exported to computer via PanFone are just thumbnails.
To solve this problem, Please kindly follow the steps below:

  1. 1. Go to your iDevice, click Setting > Photos & Camera.
  2. 2. Trick Download and Keep Originals.
  3. 3. Close iCloud Photo Library option .

Close iCloud photo library

Note: If you are in Optimize iPhone Storage circumstance, once close iCloud Photo Library option, a pop-out dialog would note that Those items (synced from iCloud) will be deleted from iCloud Photo Library on your device. Simply Click "Delete" and you will only see original items on your device, which are all transferable by PanFone.

delete items synced from icloud

Tips: After completed managing files on PanFone, you can re-open iCloud if you want.

+What to do if PanFone failed to delete photos?

iCloud Photo Library is designed to keep all of a user's photos synced on all of their devices at all times. Thus, photos would be downloaded from your iCloud automatically after being deleted on iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch , which makes you think PanFone fails to delete photos on your iDevice.

Given this situation, please navigate to your device, click on Setting > iCloud > Photos , then turn off iCloud Photo Library for a while.

 Close iCloud photo library
+What to do if PanFone failed to load Media database?

If you connect a brand new iOS device to PanFone, it might failed to load the media database at the first time. Here is what to do:

Step 1. Connect your iOS device to PC/Mac and launch iTunes. Click Get Started

sync iphone to itunes

Step 2. Select "Set up as new iPhone" or "Restore from this backup". Then tag on Continue

setup iphone

That's it! Now launch PanFone program, which should enable you to manage media database freely, transfer or backup music/video as you like.

+Why I can not delete the transferred photos by my iOS device?

You may have found the little trash button just missing when you try to delete the photos you imported to your device via PanFone. That is because Apple has limitation on the files which are imported by third-party software such as PanFone Manager. However, you can still use PanFone program to delete the files you synced to iOS device.