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PanFone iOS Data Recovery FAQs

+What are the limitations of the trial version for PanFone Data Recovery?

With the trial version, you can only preview lost data, but with the paid version, you can preview, recover and save the lost data.

+What to do if the device fails to connect with PanFone Data Recovery?

1.Make sure your iOS is supported. PanFone can support iOS 7.0 and later.

2.Reconnect your device or use another workable USB cable (the originally USB cable is the best if available to use); then close and restart PanFone.

3.Ensure that the latest version of iTunes is installed successfully and it can detect the device. If not, you can go to the link www.apple.com/itunes/ to download and reinstall it.

+What to do if I got the prompt "No enough disk space, please free up disk space".

If you got this prompt once you start to scan your device or backup, please go to Setting window to change the default Backup location folder from C: driver to another available drive.

Click Settings Button button on the upper right corner of the main window and click Settings to make change PanFone default settings.

PanFone iOS Data Recovery Settings

+Can I put the recovered files back to iOS device?

PanFone iOS Data Recovery for win supports recovering notes, contacts, messages, call logs, whatsapp, bookmark, voice memo and photos directly back to iDevices, you can recover other data to computer.

PanFone iOS Data Recovery for mac supports recovering notes, contacts, messages, call logs and whatsapp directly back to iDevices, you can recover other data to Mac. We will continue to support more file types.

+What to do if I get "Analyze is unsuccessful" error.

If you encounter the "Analyze is unsuccessful" error, you can check the following settings.

  1. 1. Unlock the device If there is Screen Lock password.
  2. 2. Make sure that you installed the latest version of iTunes, you can reinstall it then try again. If there is any fault in iTunes it will impact the success rate of device analysis.
  3. 3. If your iTunes backup files have been encrypted, remove the password on the iTunes backup file.
  4. 4. For iOS 7 devices, please tap "trust" on your device to authorize this PC

trust this computer

Then refer to the following tips to see if they will resolve the fault.

  • 1. Check that the USB connection is well seated, disconnect and reconnect it, try an alternative USB port and lead is possible.
  • 2. Restart your iPhone and computer.
  • 3. Change to another computer if possible.
  • 4. Disconnect all other USB connections.
  • 5. Close any anti-virus software if you have it running.
+What to do if PanFone Data Recovery only recovered the titles of iOS Notes, but no contents?

PanFone iOS Data Recovery currently only supports recovering the text format of notes. So if your notes are in media format or contain any special font, PanFone is unable to read and recover them to your computer and iOS devices.

+Why PanFone Data Recovery can not read my iTunes backup on Mac 10.14?

Here are steps you need to follow in order to grant Full Disk Acess:

1. Open the Security & Privacy Preference Pane in the System Preferences application.

2. Click on the Privacy tab and then click on Full Disk Access in the categories list.

security & privacy

3. Click the padlock in the lower-left corner to allow changes.

4. Click the + button to add an application.

5. Navigate to where you installed PanFone iOS Data Recovery (e.g./Applications), select it and click the open button.

Full Disk Acess

+What should I do if I haven't received downloading link?

1. PanFone iOS Data Recovery for Win - Please download and install the latest PanFone iOS Data Recovery Windows version from here

2. PanFone iOS Data Recovery for Mac - Please download and install the latest PanFone iOS Data Recovery Mac version from here

+Can you guarantee to retrieve my deleted data?

We get similar inquiries frequently. Actually, the answer is "It depends". When a file is deleted on iPhone/iPad, the system only removes its entry in the file system. The memory on the iPhone that saves the deleted file is marked as free space and can be overwritten by new data. So, before your deleted data is overwritten, you still have the chance to get them back with PanFone Data Recovery software.

+Why PanFone takes so long to scan my phone?

The scanning time depends on many factors and among all the factors, the total file size and file types have the biggest impact. If there are a lot of message attachments, third-party App attachments, it will make the scanning much slower. You can try the following tips to speed up the scanning process.

1. Choose only the file types you need and scan the phone again.

2. If you have iTunes/iCloud backup, it’s recommended to try Recover from iTunes backup file and Recover from the iCloud backup file. It will be much faster in these two modes.

+What to do if the program freeze or crash?

If PanFone program freezes or crashes when using it, you can deal with the matter with the following steps:

1. Close any anti-virus software that is running.

2. Restart your iPhone and computer.

3. Disconnect all other USB devices.

4. Reinstall this software and restart it.

If the problem still exists, please contact us at anytime.

+If iPhone screen is black or unresponsive, can I recover my data from iOS device?

To connect your iPhone with the program, iPhone needs to trust the computer firstly. So we suggest users download the free trial version on a computer trusted from the iPhone before to figure out whether the program can connect your iPhone. And even the program cannot recover data from iOS device, it can help recover data from iTunes/iCloud backups.

+What to do if I still encounter an error and can't find out any solutions which show above when using PanFone Data Recovery?

If you encounter an error for the first time, please restart the program and try again. If you encounter the error for several times, please submit your problem to our Support Email: support@panfone.com. Offer us your iOS model, iOS version and your PanFone log file. You can find all the logs file from Menu > Open Log File > Logs and send us all the logs in this folder. Please try to submit your case as much detailed and clear as possible to us.

PanFone will not ignore any question that submitted to us. We will try our best to solve all technical issues or other problems that you encounter when using our products. Sometimes, we may deal with many questions at one time, so please kindly wait for our reply. We promise that the earliest response will be provided to you!