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Top 3 iPhone Data Eraser Software You Can't Miss

One of the concerns for most iPhone users is the security of their privacy. To protect your data from leakage, you may need the iOS Data Eraser Software to completely and permanently delete all data on your iDevice and release more space on your device. It is also important to wipe data when you are selling your phone or recycling it as you don't want anyone else to misuse your information.

In this article, we are going to introduce top 3 iPhone Data Erase Software for you to erase iPhone data permanently.

Top 1. PanFone iOS Eraser Free

PanFone iOS Eraser is one of the iPhone data eraser desktop based software dedicated to protect your data privacy by completely deleting the data. This iPhone data erasing program gives you the freedom to delete all your files regardless of whether they are private or not, with no chances of recovering the files ever again.

Eraser iPhone data

Key Features of PanFone iOS Eraser Free:

Top 2. PhoneClean

Try the iPhone data erase software PhoneClean which allows its users to enjoy quicker, cleaner and better devices in many different ways. It has many unique features such as the ultimate speedup feature, in-depth privacy protection, the hands-free cleaning feature and many other innovative technological tools that make it a unique eraser.

PhoneClean iOS Data Eraser

Key Features of PhoneClean:



Top 3. Coolmuster iOS Cleaner

Coolmuster iOS Cleaner efficiently deleted different file formats from your iPhone. Like other iPhone data erasing softwares, this program makes the deleted data impossible to recovered. You can delete contacts, text messages, account information, media files, and passwords from your iPhone. It is essential to backup your data prior to deleting it permanently with this software.

Eraser iPhone data

Key Features of Coolmuster iOS Cleaner:



From the top 3 iPhone data eraser apps denoted above, you can quickly note the difference between them regarding their functionality and features. All the apps allow you to delete data with no possibility of recovery. PanFone iOS eraser supports all versions of the iOS operating system and all generations of iPhones. Therefore, if you are in need of a software that erases iPhone data flawlessly, PanFone iOS Eraser software is the real deal.

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